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Porsche 911: 9ff TR 1000 is world’s fastest Porsche 911

The 9ff TR 1000 is the world’s fastest Porsche 911 with a top speed of 391km/h. And here’s the video proof! Enjoy.

A tuned Porsche 911 Turbo, dubbed the TR-1000, has hit a top speed of 391.7 km/h (243.4 mph) at the ATP automotive testing circuit in Papenburg, Germany.

While details are limited, the 9ff TR-1000 has a flat-six engine with larger turbochargers, an improved intercooler, sport camshafts, titanium con rods, crankshaft, a sport air filter, a revised ECU, and a high performance exhaust system. Thanks to these tweaks, the engine produces a stunning 1000 hp at 7800 rpm and 1040 Nm of torque.

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Source: World Car Fans