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Volkswagen: Mapping out the future of Porsche

Have a look at Volkswagen’s plans for Porsche’s future. Our favorite: the Porsche Carrera GT!

BABY BOXSTER: The first planned step is the creation of a roadster to slot in under the Boxster. Ex-boss Wiedeking believed that a Porsche smaller than the Boxster might dilute the brand, but Winterkorn wants a Porsche-badged, small mid-engined roadster based on the two-seat VW BlueSport concept car shown last January at the Detroit auto show. When badged as a Volkswagen, a SEAT, or a Škoda, the production version of the roadster would have 120- and 200-hp gas engines.

CAYENNE: This SUV’s 2017 replacement won’t retain the current model’s off-road capability and top speed of more than 160 mph. Instead, it will lose weight (while remaining the same size as today’s Cayenne) and get more fuel-efficient engines.

911: Perhaps the most difficult question surrounds the future of the iconic Porsche two-door. Today, the 911 comes in 14 different flavors, but since the 911’s engine went water cooled in 1998, the changes between one generation and the next have been kept small to ensure the happiness of 911 loyalists. But Winterkorn’s intentions are now to change the 911 more extensively by implementing new technologies faster—just don’t expect the 911 exteri­or design to change dramatically.

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Source: Car and Driver