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VW Jetta: Name for US confirmed

VW Jetta
VW has confirmed the Jetta name for the upcoming VW New Mid-Size Sedan and also said that a new coupe might be possible.

The cornerstone of Volkswagen’s U.S. strategy is the new Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant, which will build VW’s Camry-fighter, a.k.a. NMS (New Mid-Size Sedan). It will make its debut at the 2011 Detroit auto show. While this large sedan of over 192 inches is yet unnamed, Jacoby confirmed the smaller, Mexico-built NCS (New Compact sedan) will be called Jetta. Slated for a U.S. debut in June 2010, it will be exported to Europe in late 2010, where it might receive a different name. VW will continue to offer a GLI, based on the new Jetta.

But VW might offer another model—a two-door coupe with a notchback, targeting specifically the U.S. market and likely over 180 inches in length. Gauging public reaction to the concept car that will hint at a possible series production model is so important that VW has decided to push back the debut of the new Touareg by several weeks.

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Source: Car and Driver