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Audi A8: More intel about the next generation MMI

Audi A8
Nice report here about the next generation MMI featured in the new Audi A8. Vorsprung at its best and soon to be rolled out to other models!

As if NVIDIA hasn’t been busy enough this year, what with its next generation Tegra chips and all, looks like the kids have inked a deal with Audi to supply the GPU for its new in-dash navigation and entertainment system. The 3G MMI system sports something called the Vibrante engine for dual zone entertainment (allowing different media on dash and backseat monitors), as well as Google Earth, 3D topography, real-time traffic reporting and navigation, iPod, SD card, USB memory stick support, and online video via the optional EDGE modem (funny, mums the word on handwriting recognition).

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Source: Engadget