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Audi R8: Stunning Biturbo by Heffner Performance, wraps are off!

Audi R8 4.2 Biturbo
Heffner Performance has taken the wraps off their Audi R8 4.2 Biturbo and be ready to be stunned! Enjoy the video below.

As of now the car is running on 6 psi and a 11.8 to 1 AFR and probably has a little more ignition timing removed than necessary to be on the safe side for now. This set up has given us a result of 536 rwhp. This is a 183 rwhp gain (more than a 50% increase) over what the car had when it came in with a Stasis exhaust and Revotech ecu tune.
We will also be doing a 100 octane program that we expect to get near 600 rwhp which should put this car solidly in the high 10 second range

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Source: Fourtitude