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Audi S4: Showing BMW how it’s done!

Audi S4
Here’s another great review of the Audi S4. Believe the reviews, it’s such a fantastic car!

With the all-new 2010 S4 on the market, BMW faces serious competition for its 335i, long touted as the best high-performance sedan on the market. At egmCarTech, we have generally embraced the philosophy of ‘more horsepower, more cylinders’, but the S4 has certainly made us second guess ourselves. Ditching the 340-hp V8 of generations past, the ‘10 S4 has acquired a supercharged 3.0L TFSI engine which produces 333-hp. Don’t be fooled; the S4 is still as quick off the start and lightening fast as ever before. Make the jump to read our take on the new S4 and see how it stands in comparison to the 335i.

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Source: eGM Cartech