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Audi S4: The past collides with the present

Audi S4
Interesting review here of the Audi S4.

Then came 2009, the new-age “gas crunch,” and the faltering world economy-high efficiency once again became fashionable. And Audi has returned to its roots-somewhat-with this latest 2010 S4. Motivation again comes from a V6, 3.0 liters in this case, to which is strapped a forced induction system. But rather than turbos, this time it’s a supercharger (in spite of the V6 T badging).

The inevitable groans erupted from the enthusiast quarter (I want my twin turboooooos). But to any naysayers, I challenge you to get your butt into a ’10 S4, fling it around a bit, and then tell me it sucks. I dare ya.

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Source: European Car Web