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Porsche 911: Spy photos

Porsche 911
Here are some new spy shots of the next-generation Porsche caught during winter testing. Highlight: the new LED backlights.

The disguise at the rear hides a new wing, which draws on active technology seen in the Panamera. It will extend at high speed to boost downforce without impacting on drag.

The new 911 will be slightly longer and wider than the model it replaces. Porsche has made these changes to ensure the 911 meets ever-evolving crash regulations and also to improve both aerodynamics and dynamics.

Tech features will include an integrated torque vectoring system on four-wheel-drive models and a faster-acting limited-slip differential on rear-drive 911s. These spy pictures also indicate that the 911 will get LED front and rear lights as standard.

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Source: Autocar