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Volkswagen: Considering Formula One entry

Ok, this rumor is coming up every year, so it seems to be that time again. Here is some more intel about Volkswagen’s consideration of entering F1.

VW’s main motorsport commitment is to the Dakar Rally and it continues to be linked to a fresh assault on the World Rally Championship. Nissen says a decision could not be made on the group’s F1 involvement until it has competed in at least two more Dakars. VW is not short of options of what to call its team; Audi, Bentley and Bugatti are believed to be the most likely options.

“There is a difference between the brand Volkswagen and the Volkswagen group,” he said. “The VW group has a lot of brands, 10 now, with different images. If the group enters Formula 1, they would need to decide which brand, and I personally think that they would decide on another brand than Volkswagen.

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Source: Autocar