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VW Scirocco: Guilty pleasure

VW Scirocco
Great review here of the VW Scirocco. Sad not to see it in the US…

The Scirocco feels similar to the GTI to drive, too, with the same elastic surge of power from the willing 2.0-liter TSI under the hood that helps make the sporty Golf one of the most entertaining small cars on the market in America today. But again, it’s not quite the same — with bigger tires and a wider track, the Scirocco GT doesn’t feel quite as nimble as the GTI through the turns. There’s less clarity in the steering, and less feedback from the tires as you approach the limits of adhesion. The Scirocco GT also comes with adaptive shocks with normal, comfort or sport settings, and like most such systems never feels quite as impressive as the GTI’s well sorted one-size-fits-all suspension tune.

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Source: Motor Trend