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Audi A1: Coming to US?

Audi A1
We found a very interesting interview with Michael Dick and Peter Schwarzenbauer, both Audi board members, about upcoming versions of the Audi A1 and if the Audi A1 will make it into the US.

Will there be an A1 “quattro”?

Thanks to its sporty steering and dynamic suspension, the A1 has extremely agile handling and is a lot of fun to drive. ESP with an electronic cross-axle lock improves traction, makes the handling sportier and communicates the car’s high level of safety, especially when cornering.

In this car category, this perfect combination of features achieves performance comparable to a car with quattro driveline. For this reason, we have no current plans to introduce an A1 quattro.

When will the A1 reach the USA?

Currently we do not plan to launch the A1 in the US. However, we recently started a study across the US to determine the future potential of this car. I am pretty sure that in a few years time we will be able to successfully launch the A1 on the US market.

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Source: Carscoop, picture by Audi