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Audi A1: Interior teaser video

The key for the Audi A1 will be individuality and here’s a nice interior teaser video showing what you can do.

When a new car is introduced, everyone naturally wants to know what it looks like. The shape, the proportions, the color – especially when it comes to the exterior. But the interior also offers a lot of exciting details. With the Audi A1, the people who designed the interior concentrated on creating as many customizable elements as possible. One particularly distinctive example is the new design of the air vents in the control panel – which are constantly in the driver’s field of vision.

“We imagined the control panel in the cockpit to be like an airplane wing with turbines,” said Ivo van Hulten, interior designer of the new Audi A1, as he described the design process. “Naturally, we’re building a car and not an airplane, but the first sketches of the air vents were created with this idea in our heads. And even at this early stage we were thinking about colors and materials. Our goal was to allow A1 drivers to be able to design the air vents according to their personal taste.”

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Source: Fourtitude