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Audi A8 3.0 TDI: Another first drive report

Audi A8
Here’s another first drive report of the new Audi A8.

In the metal it looks striking and far enough removed from its predecessor to leave you in no doubt that it is a brand new model. The exterior styling is highly technical and full of subtle nuances that don’t really become apparent until you see it up close.

In just about every criteria, the new A8 makes a very convincing case for itself. So much so, that it should now be considered an automatic inclusion on the short list of anyone in the market for an up-market four-door. Yes, it’s that good.

With 250bhp, the A8 3.0 TDI delivers enthusiastic performance, exceptional mechanical refinement and, thanks to new measures such as a new eight speed automatic gearbox, brake energy recuperation and a standard stop/start system, truly impressive levels of fuel economy.

As expected, the big new Audi’s best work is done at a steady cruise where the engine’s 405 lb ft of torque and the gearbox’s long gearing combined to provide relaxed and near silent progress at 75mph.

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Source: Autocar