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Audi A8: First driving report

Audi A8
We found another nice first driving report with the new Audi A8 and this time from Audi experts.

Audi have consistently been praised for the incredibly high quality of their interiors, and this car is no exception. In fact, this car definitively raises the bar for the rest of the industry. Good luck to them, as the interior in the new A8 is unlike anything this side of a Bentley.

We also had the chance to sample the 350bhp (590lb/ft max torque) 4.2 TDI in the A8 (unfortunately we never had the chance to try the 3.0 TDI, which would be the most likely candidate for US import) and can say definitively that it’s far and away the most un-diesel engine ever sampled. Not only does it not sound (or smell) like a diesel, it doesn’t drive like a diesel. The engine note is very similar to the 4.2 FSI, perhaps a bit more baritone. Unlike many diesels, there is zero lag between depressing the pedal and engine response. The car accelerates incredibly fast. Audi claim that the run to 62 is over in 5.2 seconds (yes, it’s faster than the 4.2 FSI gas engine). Given the appropriately taller final drive to compensate for the lower max RPM of the 4.2TDI, the car loafs along at very low revs most of the time. With all of the torque this engine generates, combined with substantially superior fuel economy (and lower CO2 emissions) compared to the gas engine, we genuinely hope Audi can manage to bring this engine to the USA.

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Source: AudiWorld