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Audi R17/R18: Will feature V6 TDI with KERS

Audi R17/R18
Street word has it that the successor the Audi R15 TDI, the Audi R17 or R18 will feature a V6 TDI engine and also KERS.

Apparently Racecar Engineering Magazine has intel suggesting Audi is readying a successor to the R15 TDI that will meet the as-of-yet unannounced 2011 ACO regulations dictating prototype racecar spec. Downsizing, a popular trend in production cars, will carry over as the ACO pushes for better efficiency according to the story. RCE says Audi will drop the current V10 TDI found in the R15 for a V6 TDI setup possibly using a KERS style energy recovery system. The car would still be LMP1 spec as Audi has always pushed for an outright win at Le Mans and the car is likely to carry the R17 or R18 name depending on DTM racecar development.

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Source: Fourtitude