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Audi S5 Project Anniversario: New rendering of Ur-Quattro successor shows up!

Audi S5 Project Anniversario
We found a new rendering the rumored successor of the Audi Ur-Quattro, an Audi S5 based project called Audi Anniversario which was thought to see the light already last year, but is expected now for 2010.

Just like we thought the real thing would, this Quattro rendering is based on an A5 chassis and features an RS5 style front bumper complete with R8 inspired horizontal fins made from carbon fiber. The lightweight space age theme continues with a complete under tray to keep the concept stuck to the road while we can only speculate about what could be lurking under the hood. With our imaginations running wild we can hear everything from a whining supercharged V6 to a screaming FSI V10 spitting spent gasses from its tailpipes. However if Audi keeps true to the original, it will be powered by a boosted version of the proven 2.5 Liter turbocharged five cylinder from the factory tuned Audi TT RS.

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Source: Top Speed