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Bentley Continental Supersports: Driven!

Bentley Continental Supersports

Cool driving report here with the Bentley Continental Supersports.

There’s even more function behind the wheels, where you’ll eyeball the largest production carbon-ceramic brake rotors ever sold (16.5 in., front; 14 in., rear), along with eight-piston calipers. Such hardware aids mightily in stopping—in a car that can chase down 60mph in 3.6 seconds and 100mph in under nine seconds, and is the fastest Bentley in the history of the marque, you want insanely potent binders. The lighter rotors also reduce unsprung weight at each corner by 11 lbs. Less weight at the wheels increases the litheness of the massive two-seater, as does the revised multilink suspension and the addition of stiffer bushings. “Litheness” in a nearly 5,000 lb. car? Yes: more on that in a moment.