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VW Golf: More spy shots of 7th generation

VW Golf
We found some fresh spy shots of the next-generation VW Golf.

Herr Winterkorn whet CAR’s appetite with a few nuggets on the next Golf. ‘The modular transverse matrix opens a new set of opportunities,’ he told us. ‘By being significantly more space-efficient, MQB offers distinct packaging advantages – which in turn will directly influence the shape of the car. Don’t worry: the next Golf will again be instantly recognisable as a Golf. But it will also push out the envelope in a way no previous transition from one model generation to the next has done.’

The Golf Mk7 range will continue very much as today’s. The CC coupe-cabriolet with folding hard top is on ice, but a cheaper Golf cabrio is expected in 2014. The Scirocco has been deemed a success, and the three-door Golf may become a sleeker, more coupé-ish derivative. We publish the full roll-out on page two of this article.

The MQB hardware underneath the new Golf Mk7 enables shorter overhangs, a longer wheelbase and a more advanced silhouette, including a more raked windscreen and more upright back window. They’re not going to muck up the Golf style, however. Trad chunky C-pillars and geometric lines will continue for that iconic look.

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Source: Car Magazine