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VW Golf R: Reviewed!

VW Golf R
Nice review here of the VW Golf R.

So what is the difference the new VW Golf R and the Golf GTI?

Essentially it comes down to this: 59bhp, drive to the rear wheels as well as the fronts, a set of 18-inch rims and a £6k premium. Think of the Golf R as Volkswagen’s answer to the Audi S3.

While the front-wheel drive GTI makes do with 207bhp and 206lb ft of torque, the R achieves 266bhp and 258lb ft from the same 1984cc of capacity. The extra power and the traction of four-wheel drive is enough to overcome the alarming 182kg weight penalty, allowing the R to hit 62mph in 5.7sec (GTI, 6.9sec) while at the top end, the GTi is all out at 147mph leaving the R to forge on ahead to 155mph.

The Golf R certainly feels quicker than the GTI, not outrageously fast but definitely more urgent both in acceleration and in the sound it emits. And despite sounding less cultured than the old V6, this 266bhp four is keener to rev and mates with the standard six-speed manual far better than before when it could feel rather clunky.

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Source: Car Magazine