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VW Golf TDI: Efficiency can be fun!

Nice review here of the VW Golf TDI.

With diesel-powered engines slowly but surely making their way onto the American market, the German automakers are taking the lead, introducing diesel-powered variants of their most popular gasoline-powered models. Increased fuel-economy, more torque, and a smaller price-premium over gasoline-powered cars than electric-hybrids, diesel power certainly offers a range of benefits. Current diesel prices however, are slightly higher than that of gasoline, which in turn, makes the American public a bit reluctant to fully embrace the technology.

Volkswagen however is one automaker that is not deterred; the German manufacturer currently sports in its lineup four TDI Clean Diesel models: the Jetta, Jetta SportWagon, Touareg, and Golf are available in the TDI variant. We recently had the chance to get behind the Golf TDI for a week-long test-drive and never even put gas… we mean diesel… in the car.

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Source: eGM Cartech