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VW Jetta SportWagen TDI: Road test report

VW Jetta SportWagen TDI
Nice road test report here with the VW Jetta SportWagen TDI.

I just love sport wagons and there’s lots to love about the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI. Yes, this clean diesel mid-sized wagon is rather affordable (base MSRP $24,310), has fun-to-drive German engineering, a hip minimalist interior and gets almost unbelievable fuel economy (42 mpg hwy).

Yes, the 2010 VW SportWagen TDI pleases in more ways than one. On a weeklong road test of a shiny black model, I feel completely in love with this sexy, sporty and kinda mysterious-looking Euro sedan.

Driving up scenic Pacific Coast Highway at twilight on a gorgeous winter’s day, the 2010 Jetta SportWagen TDI made my driving dreams come true with its sophisticated looks and smooth, yet sporty driving characteristics.

Even better is this gas-sipping sedan is eligible for a $1,300 federal income tax credit by qualifying for the “advanced lean burn technology motor vehicle” credit. Why such a nice rebate? The 2010 Jetta SportWagen TDI feeds on today’s low sulphur diesel gasoline, which burns super clean and is good for the environment.

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Source: Autotropolis