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VW: Micro car concept by Brazilian design interns

VW IN Micro Car Concept
Design interns at VW do Brazil have created this interesting looking VW Micro Car concept. Have a look!

The goal was to create a Smart Fortwo-sized/like mini capable of accommodating two people plus some luggage in similar comfort to the VW Fox supermini.

The team came up with several proposals to power the 2.48 meter (97.6-in.) long car including VW’s current 1.0-liter engine and various two-cylinder units (inline, V-shaped and boxer versions), all mounted at the rear, plus a plug-in version equipped with four in-wheel electric motors.

The vehicle’s design is simple, but in a cool, ‘Apple’ sort of way, and is heavily influenced by the Volkswagen Up! concept series.

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Source: Carscoop