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Audi A1: Competition kit released!

Audi A1

Audi has released an awesome looking competition kit for the new Audi A1.

The competition kits for the A1 awaken memories of legendary moments in Audi motorsporting history, such as Walter Rohrl’s “storming” of Pikes Peak in 1987 in the Audi S1 Sport quattro. The two accessories packages for the interior and exterior are perfectly matched to each other. Their colour scheme pays subtle homage to the successes of the 1980’s by using the same colours used then by Audi motorsport.

competition kit legends interior and competition kit legends interior plus
The two equipment packages give the interior of the A1 an unmistakably sporty expression. The decorative trim on the air vents, the centre console, the door handles and the interior mirror enhance the dynamic look. Floor mats with matching graphic print round off the individual design. The competition kit legends interior plus also places coloured highlights on the sports leather steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake grip.