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Audi A1: First tuner pictures popping up

Audi A1

The first tuner pictures of the just released Audi A1 are showing up in the wild.

Autobild has published a story with several mockups indicating the direction of major tuners such as Abt, MTM, Oettinger, MTM, Digi-Tec and MS Design will develop the new Audi A1 even before actual A1 deliveries have begun.

After a quick Google translation we’re left wondering whether this was simply an exercise for Autobild photoshop artists, the result of requests sent out to these tuning houses or something altogether endorsed by Audi to help fuel enthusiast interest in the A1. We suspect this is more an exercise by Autobild since the Abt version showcases an older wheel design of the Kempten firm but find it worth sharing just the same.