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Audi A8: Direct Torque Flow (DTF) technology explained

Audi A8 Direct Torque Flow Technology

The Audi A8 is the first which comes with the new Direct Torque Flow (DTF) technology. Read here how it works and what are the benefits.

GKN Driveline’s DTF propeller shaft has been designed to the highest technical standards to meet Audi’s challenging performance and specific safety criteria and is the company’s first launch of this new technology. DTF is a new interface design solution in which the propeller shaft is connected to the transmission in a way that saves weight, assembly time, space and cost.

While still ensuring efficient torque transmission, GKN Driveline has developed its DTF solution to reduce component complexity and make significant weight savings, reducing the risks of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and shaft stability typical in traditional propeller shaft designs. DTF solutions can be used to connect a propeller shaft to both a vehicle’s transmission and its rear final-drive unit.

Another key feature of the GKN Driveline shaft on the new Audi A8 is the unique high-speed constant-velocity joint incorporating technology for efficient operation and an integrated “crash feature.” The latter, in conjunction with other system components, enables the shaft assembly to telescope inwards in a manner defined to support the crash safety strategy of the vehicle.

With the high performance nature of the vehicle requiring the propeller shaft to operate at extreme speeds of up to 10,500 rpm, GKN Driveline’s shaft is designed with a range of other leading-edge features such as a high-strength light-weight steel tube, sealing systems and a low-level of rotational imbalance.