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Audi Project Anniversario: Coming to Woerthersee?

Audi Project Anniversario

Street word has it that the long-rumored Audi Project Anniversario will finally see the light at the next Woerthersee festival.

Audi has a long history of showing cars at Worthersee from tuned A3s and TT Speedsters to last year’s Q5 Custom with 3.0T 400hp engine. Annivarsario, a rumored modded A5 coupe with TTRS 2.5T 5-cylinder and built as a spiritual successor to the Sport quattro would fit the bill nicely. We don’t know how much truth there is to the rumor and sources inside Audi tell us that Anniversario has been on-again-off-again status for a while. For reference, the Worthersee tour is coming up May 12-15.