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Audi R8 GT: More intel found!

Audi R8 GT

We found more intel about the rumored Audi R8 GT, the hardcore R8.

Audi’s body-in-white chief, Armin Kappler, confirmed that one road-going car has already been built for appraisal, and that VW Group boss Ferdinand Piech likes it, but says a decision on whether to produce the car has yet to be made.

If it does get the green light, the GT3 would fit with Audi’s plan of releasing a new R8 variant every year or two, as Porsche does with the 911 (GT3, GT2) and Lamborghini does with the Gallardo (Balboni, Superleggera). Audi expects the R8, which was introduced in 2006, to have a seven or eight-year life cycle, as with its other cars.

The next-generation car may not be all-aluminium, though. The imminent introduction of battery technology into Audi’s sports cars (with the forthcoming e-tron models) means the company is looking at making its spaceframes partly from carbonfibre. This will be used for high-strength joints and body panels.