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Audi RS5: More live impressions from the Geneva Motor Show

Audi RS5
We can’t get enough of the new Audi RS5 and our website statistics show you can’t either, so here are more live impressions from the Geneva Motor Show. A must see!

Audi has listed the base price of the car only in Euros (77,000), but we’ll hold on to hope until Audi officially states the car won’t be sold across the pond.

Why do we want the RS5 in the U.S. so bad? For starters, it’s got a 450 horsepower version of Audi’s tried and true 4.2-liter V8 paired to the legendary Quattro AWD. Combine that with perhaps the best looking coupe designs on the market today and you’ve got one heck of an appealing sports car.

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Source: Autoblog