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Bentley Barnato: City car in the works?

Bentley Barnato

Here’s one of the few rumors we hope is not true: Bentley could develop a city car similar to the Aston Martin Cygnet aka Toyota iQ.

The rendering took the Citroen DS3 as a basis, although if a Bentley city car was to be produced, it would more likely take the new Audi A1 as the basis, given that Bentley is part of the Volkswagen group. Bentley would provide a bit of competition to Aston Martin, taking on the same ideas of surprising the market and entering a segment not traditionally its own, as the Cygnet.

Bentley would also be looking at introducing a car like the Barnato to reduce the overall high CO2 emissions of the Bentley range. This would be an additional move to the recently announced introduction of ethanol across the range.