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New site design!

The German Car Blog

We have talked about it already on Twitter, but the day has finally come: When you are reading this, we have successfully launched the new site design for The German Car Blog with a bunch of improvements and new features. We will introduce all of them very soon, but in the meantime feel free to browse around.
One of the most requested features is now available: you can finally leave your comments below each article.

We are still working on some points, so please be patient until the transition is fully completed which might take a bit as we have to migrate around 10.000 articles from the old blog. If you find some bugs, please let us know through the contact form and we are also more than happy to receive your comments about the new site and ideas for additional features. Please leave your comment below.

Thanks for sticking with us and please enjoy the new and better German Car Blog! Now it’s your say, what do you think?

PS: You don’t need to update your bookmarks or RSS reader as everything should be working like before thanks to some smart redirects.