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Porsche: Celebrating 60 years of production in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Porsche, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. That literally means Porsche and they are now celebrating 60 years of production at that location. Congrats!

It all started back in 1938, when Porsche moved the Design and Construction office from downtown Stuttgart to several new buildings in the District of Zuffenhausen. Once the move was completed, Volkswagen Beetle production began. Despite the optimism surrounding the Beetle’s launch, World War II changed everything.

After the war, the company started to build the 356 in Gmünd, Austria – but this was never a permanent solution. So in 1950, with the US Military still occupying the plant in Zuffenhausen, Porsche rented a production hall from Reutter & Co. GmbH Coachbuilding. On April 6th, the first Stuttgart-built 356 rolled off the assembly line. Only 369 cars were made in 1950, but the model’s success would allow Porsche to open ‘Plant 2’ in 1952. Eight years later, the company opened ‘Plant 3’.

While the 356 brought growth and prosperity, the 911 enabled Porsche to buy Reutter Coachbuilding in 1964. As of today, more than one million Porsches have been built in Stuttgart.