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Porsche Panamera: Custom version called “Stingray” to be shown in Moscow

Porsche Panamera Stingray

Russian visitors of the Dream Car show in Moscow will have a chance to see this custom Porsche Panamera called Stingray by tuner TopCar.

The interior uses a carbon trim with a checkerboard look. Combined with the perforated, quilted nappa leather the interior features many different patterns.

Its exterior features a new front bumper, carbon fiber hood, skirts, and rear 2-part spoiler, bumper, and diffuser. Finishing trim includes tailamp covers and carbon fiber look window reveal mouldings. The company claims the aerodynamics are significantly improved over the stock vehicle with these changes.

The engine has been retuned to produce 542 horsepower (550 PS / 405 kW), though these changes were not detailed. A new exhaust was also fitted.