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Porsche Panamera: For families with no fear of flying

Porsche Panamera

Very nice review here of the Porsche Panamera. Enjoy!

You start the car by inserting a clever “Panamera shaped” key into a slot and pressing a button. The front-mounted engine — an adaptation of the motor in the Cayenne Turbo — emits a serious growl.

As you expect from a Porsche, especially one with such a lofty price tag, the Panamera is a technological tour de force. When the chassis and engine-management systems are set to the full-performance mode, “PASM Sport Plus,” the Panamera is more like a rocket sled than a family car.

Porsche’s chassis magicians used everything in their bag of tricks to keep this two-ton beast dancing on its Teutonic tiptoes; the car does not become one with the road, it beats the pavement into submission. On nearly empty back roads near the base of Mount Hood, I felt as if I were at the wheel of a Dodge Viper that had gone to finishing school.