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VW Amarok: Live impressions from Geneva Motor Show

VW Amarok

We found some live impressions of the VW Amarok from the Geneva Motor Show.

Double cab versions will be delivered to customers first, with single cab variants arriving in 2011. They can choose between two- and all-wheel drive editions, with the latter capable of being spec’d with a Torsen limited-slip differential. The LSD allows for 40% power to be delivered to the front wheels, 60% to the rear.

Speaking of power, VW offers two of its 2.0L TDi engines making either 158 hp/295 lb-ft or 120 hp/251 lb-ft. Both get mated to a six-speed manual transmission and can come with other features designed to enhance off-roading like Off-Road ABS, Hill Descent Assist, and Hill Hold Assist.

The diesel powerplants give the Amarok a claimed 2535 lbs payload inside of its 27-sq-ft. bed and a 6173 max towing capacity.