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VW Touareg: Driving impressions

VW Touareg

Here’s a nice article with driving impressions of the new VW Touareg.

First off there’s the new look. The front end of the new 2011 Touareg has adopted the new VW corporate face. It’s manly, but not aggressive. It fits the Touareg nicely making it look more like a large Golf.

Up close, however, there is no mistaking the Touareg for the large SUV it is. And it is larger, both slightly longer (1.6 in.) and wider (0.5 in.) than the previous generation while being a tad lower (0.7 in.). The extra length is mostly in the wheelbase, and this improves the rear seat leg room. The sliding rear seat is more spacious than before, still with seating for five.

Inside, you’ll see a VW that rivals Audi’s interior design, with high quality soft materials, satin chrome surrounds and fine wood inlays. It’s a step above the Passat CC, and I dare say the Phaeton as well.