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VW Touareg TDI: Driving reviews

VW Touareg TDI

Some interesting driving reviews here of the VW Touareg TDI.

Like Wes, I also drove the Mazda CX-9 and the Chevy Traverse prior to this Touareg–and I came away highly impressed by the VW. Yes, this ute only seats five by comparison, but overall, it’s night and day when it comes to ride quality, driving prowess and equipment. The Traverse is a front-driver at that price, while neither the Traverse nor the CX-9 came equipped with navigation for those prices. So if you subtract a few thousand for navigation, and add $5,000 to $7,000 for the diesel, the pricing gets a little closer.

As for the value of the diesel, while on paper both the Traverse and the Touareg have the same EPA combined mileage (20 mpg), and the CX-9 is 17 mpg, our real-world results show the Touareg actually exceeded its estimate (20.6 mpg) while the Traverse posted a lowly 14 mpg (the CX-9 put up a range of 15.4 mpg to 18.6 mpg). The car had about 350 miles on the trip odo when I parked it this morning, and just less than half a tank of fuel left. That’s some serious range, a highly valued attribute here in the wide-open U.S. of A.