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Audi A8: Reference guide for US

Audi A8

We found an interesting reference guide of the Audi A8 and Audi A8 L for the US.

US-Market specific information:
• Key competitors are the Mercedes-Benz S Class and BMW 7 Series.

• NWB shown in Detroit. LWB is the core model in the D Segment in the U.S., and will be revealed at the Beijing Motor Show in late April, 2010. Differentiation: The NWB A8 is positioned more of the ‘driver’s car’, with sportiness and driving dynamics in focus, while the LWB balances prestige, sportiness and comfort.

• Segment sales and pricing will be announced in Fall 2010, shortly prior to both NWB and LWB launching simultaneously at U.S. dealers.

Compelling Differentiators for the new Audi A8 in the D Segment fall into 3 main categories:

1. Exceptional Technology: Audi engineers developed cutting edge, innovative, and progressive technologies for the D4:

• Audi Space Frame (latest generation all-aluminum chassis innovation). The 1997-2003 D2 A8 was the first series production car with an aluminum space frame, and the 2011 D4 continues Audi’s leadership in aluminum design and manufacturing:
o 25% increased static torsional rigidity and new welding technologies which lead to better fuel consumption and better handling coupled with benchmark-levels of passive safety (all in comparison to the 2004-2010 D3 A8), 40% less chassis weight than a comparable steel structure.

• Bang & Olufsen Advanced sound system (optional, BOSE Surround Sound is standard)
o 19 speakers, 19 channels and more than 1400 watts of B&O-patented ICE-Power output for a theater – like sound experience (previous 2004-2010 D3 A8 had 1000 watts in the B&O system).
o The system was designed and developed as part of the design process of the D4 to ensure organic integration. Audi and B&O: two great design brands working together for an exceptional experience.

• Industry-first full-LED front headlamps with high and low beam, daytime running lights, cornering lights and turn signals in LED.
o Audi’s leadership in lighting technology has turned the headlights into a true design element. With the full-LED headlights, the light modules can be arranged as part of the design of the car, and do not require the traditional round look of xenon headlights.

• quattro (standard) with sports differential (optional). Continuously variable torque distribution on the rear axle.
o Noticeably reduces understeer and increases driving agility and traction.
o The A8 is the only car in segment with all-wheel-drive standard, and the only car with the torque-vectoring
differential available.