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Audi: Future US product plan preview


Interesting preview here of future product plans of Audi. A must see for every Audi enthusiast.

What is coming here

A version of the E-tron concept, likely something close to the original R8-styled car seen at the Frankfurt motor show, is on tap for 2012.

“Absolutely,” de Nysschen said when asked about Audi’s electric-car future. “The E-tron, in a very emotional, stirring package, represents the way that we will approach it.”

Look for the E-tron range to continue to grow after that, though plans for the smaller concept shown at the Detroit auto show have not been spelled out.

In that vein, hybrids and diesels are also on deck for Audi as it races to comply with stricter fuel-economy standards set to take effect for 2016. De Nysschen said hybrid versions of the Q5, the A6 and the A8 are all likely–and they are needed to build fuel-economy credentials with mainstream America. The Q5 will be the first hybrid for the U.S. market, he said.