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Audi RS5: Test mule driving report

Audi RS5

German Auto Motor und Sport had the chance to test drive a test mule of the Audi RS5 and luckily they made a video of it. A must see for all Audi fans!

Besides being rife with test mules from many European manufacturers on any given day, Boxberg is well set up with a varying degree of driving conditions including tight road sections, large and long high-speed test highways and large open paved area that might make the Pentagon’s parking lot jealous. It seems an excellent place to take a prototype test mule of such a car.

From the looks of it this matte black example appears to be full up to production spec, fitted with the flared fenders of the RS version that make the new winter wheel design as seen in the above photo look even smaller in real life as the car speeds around the Boxberg loop.