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Audi: Suzuka grey vs. ibis white

Audi suzuka grey

Great report here for all Audi fans: the difference between suzuka grey and ibis white.

We’ve just added a new Suzuka Grey Audi S4 to our Fourtitude garage and are coming to appreciate the complexity of this color (yes, this grey is a color). Ever so slightly tinted blue or lavender, the car makes most white cars look tinged with yellow when parked beside it much as Halogens shift Xenons. Where Audi’s current Ibis White is one of the whiter whites available today, Suzuka makes even that Audi paint code look slightly golden as we found out recently when we parked our new car next to an white example while visiting Audi of America headquarters in Herndon, VA.

Suzuka Grey = The Xenon of paint colors.