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Audi: The greatest quattros ever, a guide

Audi quattro

We found a great guide to the greatest Audi quattros ever. A must see!

I arrive at 9.00am and all the cars are being inched into position for the opening static shot. It’s quite a collection but one stands out – the short, ugly one with crazy air intakes, cut-and-shut wheelbase and an irresistible magnetism that makes photographer Paul Barshon’s job a nightmare (he wants all the cars positioned just so, but everyone keeps huddling around the Sport Quattro with a glazed look in their eyes). The Group B homologation special, the Sport Quattro, might not be the original, but it’s the one that captures what Quattro is all about the most spectacularly: ruthlessly functional, tough-as-nails and with a simmering intent that makes you want to run away from it and jump into the driver’s seat all at the same time.