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Audi: Widespread engine downsizing to increase fuel economy

Audi downsizing

Interesting article here about Audi’s downsizing plans to increase fuel economy.

Audi went back to the engineering room and came up with a stellar new V6. The V6-equipped S4 returns 27 percent better fuel economy than the V8 and, surprisingly, it’s quicker than the V8. Our review of the new S4 confirmed that the company made a wise move.

Achieving better performance while increasing efficiency is remarkable and Audi believes that its future offerings will continue down this path. As Audi spokesman Christian Bokich told Ward’s Auto, “Audi is pursuing an engine downsizing strategy when appropriate for the market segment.” When prodded about certain high performance offerings such as the R8 and the RS 5 Coupe, Bokich said, “We will only downsize the engines in these top-of-the-lines vehicles when customers demand it.”