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Lamborghini: Interview with Stephan Winkelmann and Maurizio Reggiani

Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann

Interesting interview here with Lamborghini bosses Stephan Winkelmann and Maurizio Reggiani.

Talking of future product, what can we expect from next year’s new Murcielago?

‘We never talk about the future. The point is, we sell emotions. If we talk about what might happen, customers might wait. And that’s not good…’

Lamborghini’s position in the VW group is pretty clear. But will you be pushed in different directions with Porsche coming on board?

‘Not at all. We are the most extreme manufacturer in the group, in sportiness and distinctiveness. There is no discussion about it. We do not overlap with Porsche – they have completely different customers. The shape, the brand, the pricing – we’re so different.’