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Porsche 959: Coming to US!

Porsche 959

The legendary Porsche 959 is coming to the US!

Built to showcase Porsche’s stature as a world leader in automotive technology, the Porsche 959 utilized every ounce of brilliance within Porsche R&D when it appeared as the “Gruppe B” at the 1983 Frankfurt Auto Show. It left behind the traditional engineering of the Porsche 911 (which still showed evidence of the Volkswagen Beetle) and embraced the future: a turbocharged, liquid-cooled flat-6, six-speed transmission, all-wheel drive, double-wishbone suspension and even run-flat tires.

As Ferry Porsche himself later noted in his biography, “It is my personal opinion that an engineer should always try to solve a problem in the simplest way, but…technology is capable of extraordinary achievements if it is allowed the necessary freedom of maneuver. The Type 959 is a good example of this.”