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VW Milano: Taxi concept released

VW Milano

VW has released the VW Milano Taxi concept. Interesting!

Intended as a study into the viability of a mass-market, zero-emissions taxi, the Milano uses a large lithium-ion battery pack mounted on the underside of the vehicle. The result is a power output of 113bhp, but thanks to a relatively low kerbweight of 1,500kg a top speed of 74bhp and a range of 186-miles is possible on a single charge.

But it’s not just the powertrain that’s forward thinking. Despite being shorter and narrower than the VW Fox, the Milano can comfortably seat two passengers in the back. The front of the car is taken up with the driver’s seat and alongside that a storage area for bags. An LCD display mounted on the back of the drivers seat allows passengers to see an overview of the chosen route, pay the fare or adjust the climate control functions in the back.