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Audi A4: Next generation to lose more than 300 pounds

Audi A4

Audi is working hard to reduce the weight of the next-generation Audi A4, it could lose more than 300 pounds!

Heinrich Timm, head of Audi’s Lightweight Design Center, told us earlier today that the next generation A4 – likely due out in 2015 – will shed some 150 kg (330 pounds) over the B8. The move to drop the A4’s curb weight is part of a larger initiative by Audi to reduce the tonnage of its future vehicles by using more aluminum, innovative structural techniques and composites.

And the benefits of weight reduction aren’t just limited to fuel consumption and emissions. As any gearhead knows, weight affects every aspect of the vehicle’s dynamics – from handling to braking to acceleration. For every 220 pounds lost, a vehicle can accelerate to 60 mph in 20 fewer feet. Lose 440 pounds and the amount of runway saved nearly doubles.