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Audi R8 GT: First look

Audi R8 GT

Interesting article and photos here of the Audi R8 GT. Enjoy!

The next step in building the ultimate road-going R8 is to bring in more power. Displacement remains at 5.2-liters, but the R8 GT’s Lamborghini-derived V-10 engine now pumps out 560 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque (up from 525 horses and 391 pound-feet). Combine those figures with the R8 GT’s reduced mass, and you end up with a power-to-weight ratio of six pounds to every horsepower. Audi will only offer its R tronic single-clutch six-speed sequential gearbox (itself a derivative of Lamborghini’s e-gear system), but performance won’t suffer. Audi says the R8 GT hits the 62 mph mark in just 3.6 seconds, the 124 mph mark in 10.8 seconds, and rockets on to a top speed of nearly 199 mph.