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Audi S4: The world’s friendliest four-wheeled beast

Audi S4

We found a great review of the Audi S4 by Esquire which nominated the Audi S4 also as their Car of the Year.

But because the S4 oozes cold indifference, you find yourself caning it in search of a response. Remarkably, that’s when the Audi awakes: The steering comes alive with feel, the once brittle suspension turns fluid and forgiving, and the distant, soulless engine seems appropriately dispassionate, like an exacting, eminently German tool of war. The car is about to get into a bar fight with some asphalt, and it wants you to throw the first punch.

This is what a sport sedan should be: calm when you need it, sharp when you don’t, and sedate enough to fool the neighbors.