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Audi TT Coupe: First drive review

Audi TT Coupe

Interesting driving report here with the Audi TT Coupe.

To improve the TT’s street cred, Audi brought the 265-hp TTS to market. We like the car’s power, but still balked at the price. A few weeks ago we stole a bit of time behind the wheel of a TT RS, which is all but approved for U.S. sales, and walked away very, very impressed.

But what about the base TT? Fear not, for Audi has blessed the entry-level model with some substantial upgrades for 2011. To start, the venerable 2.0T engine to 211 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. While the modest 11-hp increase isn’t really noticeable, the extra 51 lb-ft of torque makes the car even easier to live with on a daily basis — not that the 2.0T ever lacked torque. Audi expects the increase in power to drop the 0-60 mph time by 0.3 seconds to something in the high 5-second range.