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Bugatti: 800bhp electric car in the works!

Electric Bugatti

Street word has it that Bugatti is working on a 800bhp electric car. We expect nothing less than a street rocket!

It’s the shock new machine that looks set to change the way we think about electric vehicles… Bugatti has built an 800bhp battery-powered supercar, Auto Express can reveal.

The working prototype, believed to be based on the chassis of a Bentley Continental GT, features an advanced lithium-ion battery pack and two enormously powerful electric motors – which deliver an awesome 2,200Nm of torque from 0mph.

According to one driver close to the project, the battery-run Bugatti delivers “absolutely unbelievable” acceleration, way ahead of that provided by other roadgoing vehicles. The problem the company faces is managing the huge amounts of energy discharged during acceleration and required to keep the batteries fully topped up. If the car is used to its maximum performance potential, the charge lasts “a matter of minutes”.